Manotak Lodge

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Pete from Brownsville wrote
Personally, I couldn't think of a better fishing trip. Hospitality is great. There is a lake full of fish waiting to be found. There is a walk in lake to fantasy fish. Dave, Linda, and staff make it feel like your week is the only week the lodge is open. The best is arriving on Saturday afternoon. The worst is watching the dock crew wash off the boats for the next week and leaving Saturday morning knowing that it will be a whole year before coming back. All in all a great trip!

Barb & Steve, Wisconsin wrote
Dave, we had a GREAT time last week, lightning storm and all! We did fine catching all fish in the shallow water- we found a good bite with walleyes, bass, perch and especially northerns. They were great eating and we enjoyed taking our limit home. Thanks again for your hospitality. We are really looking forward to returning next year for another Canadian fishing experience!

Kevin B. Indianapolis, IN. wrote
Let there be no question that bright sunshine,a beautiful full moon and hungry fish combined for a wonderful week of fishing. The lower water temps. made northern pike fishing a blast, especially at the surface. As a veteran fisherman at Manotak, I can honestly say that the Beckers and the staff, combined with the abundance and diversity of fish in Perrault Lake, creates one of the best fishing experiences Northwest Ontario has to offer. Dave and Linda...thanks for all you do.

Steve & Barb, Combined Locks, WI wrote
Dave and Linda, you are the best! We had a ball during our week this past August. I've never caught so many fish in my life. What a hoot it is to spend a week at your lodge. We love it. And can't wait to come back next year. :0)

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