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Loon on nest
We snuck up to this loon on her nest.  She was definitely on her guard.
by Kristine Grandmont (Added on 2011-06-09)

We snuck up to this loon on her nest. She was definitely on her guard.
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Mother loon surfacing after demonstrating to her chick how to dive after fish.
A crisp, clear winter day in NW Ontario provides great opportunity for outdoor activities such as ice fishing, snowmobiing, skiing and snowshoeing.  Come join in the fun!
A nice 15 point buck caught in the Patricia Region! Trophy bucks are abundant in Canada's Heartland. Will you be the next lucky hunter?
All of the boats docked and lined up
Bull moose heading back into the deep forest.
This grouse was the first image captured using my new digital camera and  he co-operated by standing still long enough for me to get this great photo.  This photo was taken in May but I hope to meet up again in the fall during small game season.
Enjoying shore lunch after a great morning fishing.  Looks tasty!
Build up of condensation on a low hanging branch over the lake.
Check out the bite marks on this big Northern Pike.  Wouldn't you like the chance to catch the huge one that was after this big fish?
A friendly wave from the pontoon boat on Eagle Lake.  We're out enjoying the weather, the company and the fishing is a bonus!
While out riding on the ATV, I came upon this cow moose feeding in a creek.  She was just as curious as I was.  Wonder if I will see her during hunting season?
Our summers are so great, it's like being in the tropics.