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Loon on nest
We snuck up to this loon on her nest.  She was definitely on her guard.
by Kristine Grandmont (Added on 2011-06-09)

We snuck up to this loon on her nest. She was definitely on her guard.
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Wild blooming Lady's Slippers are a not-so-uncommon sight in the fields off Canada's Heartland
Two of the young participants at the Annual Pow Wow in Eagle River proudly show off their jingle dresses.
The boat is just waiting on one of the many lakes in the Patricia area.  Put yourself in it for some fantastic fishing!
Owl swooping in for a landing deep in the Patricia Region wilderness.
An angler shows off his catch - a really nice Muskie.  Find out how you could have the same opportunity on a fishing trip to Canada's Heartland in Northwestern Ontario
A beautiful swan taking off from one of the many lakes in Canada's Heartland! You never know what types of wild life you'll see while on the lake.
What better way is their to spend time with the family than a day fishing on Eagle Lake.  A perfect way to catch up, enjoy the companionship and make new memories.
While out riding on the ATV, I came upon this cow moose feeding in a creek.  She was just as curious as I was.  Wonder if I will see her during hunting season?
Photo taken of a small set of waterfalls, that flow near Wabaskang Lake.
Check out the beautiful colours the trees in the Patricia Region are displaying.  With reminders like this, we know that hunting season is upon us.
Bull moose heading back into the deep forest.
The size of moose never ceases to amaze me. This one was spotted on the side of the road on our way to Red Lake.