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Loon on nest
We snuck up to this loon on her nest.  She was definitely on her guard.
by Kristine Grandmont (Added on 2011-06-09)

We snuck up to this loon on her nest. She was definitely on her guard.
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One group is already packed and departing for camp.  What a great way to start making some memories.
What a great adventure and successful day of whitetail deer hunting in the Patricia Region.  The hunter is all smiles =)
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Owl swooping in for a landing deep in the Patricia Region wilderness.
A scared porcupine hides in a tree!
I wonder if this fish was a fighter? A proud fisherman in the Patricia Region holding his catch!
Thanks to Matt and Jeff Park of Dryden, ON for submitting this photo of a 30
What better way is their to spend time with the family than a day fishing on Eagle Lake.  A perfect way to catch up, enjoy the companionship and make new memories.
Bird hunting is fantastic. The fresh autumn air, beautiful leaves and of course supper!
A great photo of the beautiful sunsets that you can expect in the Patricia Region
You'll find many feathered friends like this Yellow Finch in the forests of Northwestern Ontario making it a perfect spot for your next birdwatching adventure.
Looking forward to enjoying the many winter activities available in Canada's Heartland - snowmobiling, ice fishing, snowshoeing, skiing and dog sledding.  Come and join us.