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Loon on nest
We snuck up to this loon on her nest.  She was definitely on her guard.
by Kristine Grandmont (Added on 2011-06-09)

We snuck up to this loon on her nest. She was definitely on her guard.
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What an adventure! Flying in to the fishing spots.  What better way to spend your Canadian Fishing vacation.
What better way to spend a summer day in Ontario's great Northwest than fishing.  Vanessa shows off her nice trout.  Could that be dinner tonight?
A delicious fish fry. Photo sent in by Woman River Camp!
A bald eagle coming in for a landing on top of the ice.
Ruth and Frank, PRTC staff members, show off their prize from the 2007 moose hunt.  This was Frank's first hunting experience!
Pink skies in the evening forecast another nice day for fishing in the Patricia Region.
A small group of deer spotted in a field. Just look at how beautifully coloured they are!
A fantastic catch in one of the Patricia Region's many fantastic lakes! This walleye was 29 inches and 9.5 pounds.
That's a huge Northern Pike.  I'm sure he'll have quite the story to tell back at the cabin at Lost Island Lodge.
Tufts of cotton grass that grows locally during the summer months.
Just wanted to show off the photo of my niece, Kim with her nice catch.  She and a couple of friends were fishing from shore at Flat Rock on Wabigoon Lake when she caught this great walleye - 10.5 lb, 28 inches long and 17
Moose hunting adventure at it's finest in North Western Ontario's great outdoors.  Bet there will be lots of stories at the lodge tonight!