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Dusk on Wabigoon Lake
The colourful sunset predicts another nice day for fishing  on Wabigoon Lake.
by Kellie Seiler (Added on 2010-06-14)

The colourful sunset predicts another nice day for fishing on Wabigoon Lake.
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A nice cow moose spotted near the shore of a lake. I wonder if she will be seen again in hunting season?
We were told that the photo doesn't do justice to the size of this huge walleye.  A young girl from Dryden proudly shows off her catch from Eagle Lake.
Bear hunting is one of the most exhilarating experiences the Patricia Region has to offer. Check out Zackery and his big bear, hunted at Indian Point Camp!
A great view of the beauty & solitude you can expect at one of the Region's outposts.
This Owl watched from his perch as we picked blueberries.  Come view the wildlife for yourself on a vacation to Ontario, Canada.
A fantastic catch in one of the Patricia Region's many fantastic lakes! This walleye was 29 inches and 9.5 pounds.
What an adventure! Flying in to the fishing spots.  What better way to spend your Canadian Fishing vacation.
Check out the beautiful colours the trees in the Patricia Region are displaying.  With reminders like this, we know that hunting season is upon us.
What better way is their to spend time with the family than a day fishing on Eagle Lake.  A perfect way to catch up, enjoy the companionship and make new memories.
Pink skies in the evening forecast another nice day for fishing in the Patricia Region.
I wonder if this fish was a fighter? A proud fisherman in the Patricia Region holding his catch!
This Pine Grosbeak poses for a photo.  A common visitor in the winter months, they definitely add some colour to the scene!