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Dusk on Wabigoon Lake
The colourful sunset predicts another nice day for fishing  on Wabigoon Lake.
by Kellie Seiler (Added on 2010-06-14)

The colourful sunset predicts another nice day for fishing on Wabigoon Lake.
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After a flight in, it's time to unpack, get settled and hit the lake for some fantastic fishing.  Bet the guys can't wait to start reeling in some trophies.
Some interesting clouds in the sky over one of the lakes in Canada's Heartland.
One group is already packed and departing for camp.  What a great way to start making some memories.
What a great adventure and successful day of whitetail deer hunting in the Patricia Region.  The hunter is all smiles =)
We were told that the photo doesn't do justice to the size of this huge walleye.  A young girl from Dryden proudly shows off her catch from Eagle Lake.
Lovely photo of a fisher woman holding her nice catch! Looks like a beautiful day.
Culture, colourful outfits and great cooking!  You can find them all at the Annual Pow Wow held at Eagle Lake.
What a great way to end the day.  A sky full of warm colours predicts another nice day.
You'll find many feathered friends like this Yellow Finch in the forests of Northwestern Ontario making it a perfect spot for your next birdwatching adventure.
Tufts of cotton grass that grows locally during the summer months.
Two nice grouse! Hunting for grouse is fun and the payoff of fresh Canadian bird for dinner makes it that much more worth it.
What better way to end a great day on Eagle Lake than with a dessert of s'mores made on the open fire.  Delicious!